8 Arrested After Brawl at Kindergarten Graduation

This is comes from NBCNews: http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/31/18657765-8-arrested-after-brawl-at-kindergarten-graduation?lite=

The article: 

By Tracy Connor, Staff Writer, NBC News

A kindergarten graduation in Cleveland ended with eight people in detention — police detention — after an argument erupted into a sidewalk brawl.

Families of students at the Michael R. White School were gathered for the end-of-year ceremony when two teenagers got into a dispute and stepped outside to continue it, said Roseann Canfora, a spokeswoman for the city schools.

“There were no students from our school involved,” Canfora said.

Cleveland Police Commander Wayne Drummond said investigators were trying to confirm reports that a spilled cup of punch sparked the original argument.

He said the first 911 call came in as a report of a shot fired — which turned out not to be true — and the school was put on lockdown while several patrol cars responded within minutes.

“There were no guns, but one individual did pull out a club or a stick and one person did grab a hammer,” Drummond told NBC News.

“Officers were able to separate the combatants,” he said.

Seven adults and one teenager were arrested for aggravated rioting and prosecutors will decide whether to charge them, he said. No one was seriously injured, but there were a number of scrapes and bruises from the fisticuffs.

Drummond said it was unfortunate that what should have been a joyous day for the little scholars moving onto first grade ended with their relatives getting hauled away in handcuffs.

“It’s just sad that it was marred by some adults who should be setting an example for the kids of how to behave but who did quite the opposite,” he said.


makessense-7131188: This school has a city data rating of 15 out of 100 and nearly 100% of the students are getting free or reduced lunch. I can’t imagine these poor kids parents are upstanding members of society.


pat-2859606: you have to remember in that demographic, the adults, or “parents” are probably 16 or 17. When I “graduated” from kindergarten, my mom and dad were just turning 30. that would be a grandmother in that crowd.. so typical. yawn.. tomorrow’s headline will read one of these future doctors shot someone for being “disrespected” at the party…


jake2247: Just reading the headline, it was obviously about black people.


the thinker-318752: “I can’t afford to buy my kids lunch because I got a cell phone bill to pay. I need the phone to text while sitting on the front porch.”


Reply kevmc61474: 

“I can’t afford to buy my kids lunch because I got a cell phone bill to pay. I need the phone to text while sitting on the front porch.”-


You miss pronounced (spelled) several words in your writing above allow me to clarify.

“I can’st affoad to buys my chidrins lunch ‘cuz I gots a phone bill to pay. I needs the phone to tex while I is sittin’ on the poach.”

It is usually not like me to correct grammer, but yours was so incorrect I had to step in. I would not want the younger generation to come around and learn correct speaking and spelling. Sorry, but have a great day anywho.


robbopaloobop: monkey see…monkey do




Are yall ready for some more “Redneck Rumble” (sorry, Friday Night Smackdown started early)










(I believe it was James Tiberus Kirk who once said, “I am laughing at the superior intellect.” White people, please try and make it harder to make fun of you hypocritical twits; I need to break a sweat over here)



Michael Bingham-8138439: 

Ciewywtb42mh6sps-23- I am not sure you want to go down the road of comparing the ability of whites to exhibit civil behavior compared to a good portion of black people.

This has nothing to do with expressing a sense of superior intellect and everything to do with the number of times we hear idiots of this specific skin color acting like a bunch of uncivilized thugs or children.

I will agree that whites can act as dumb but would have to disagree with the volume or regularity they choose to do so equaling that of black people.


jake2247: Ciewy, you put together “graduation brawl” and “Cleveland” and got white soccer moms? You’re dumber than the average one. And what do I do when I come across a black man with better diction and articulation than me?Nothing, because it has never and can never happen. What you want to aks next, homie?


DowhatsRIght – USA: it all started when LaCaladonia said, “don’t cho be touchin’ my drink bittttch” then La-ah (pronounced LaDasha) said, “Dat be my krunk . I be drinkin on dat”. All hell then brought loose and somebody be callin the pole-leese and crazyazz bitch Froggadaniel jump in and then mo and mo, it all messed up. We gots the daycare graduation next week, we all be packin for dat. Somebody gettin’ a cap busted in their azz.




Sooooo, BIGOTS, don’t you just HATE when all those upstanding meth head, mentally unbalanced, poor bullied, white kids come to school and MURDER their fellow students? What is the problem with THEIR parents? And don’t you just HATE it when Biff there is plotting to BOMB his school out of existence. Where’s mummy and daddy while the little darling is being all anarchist and crap? Oh, yeah probably out buying more weapons so the kiddies can kill more of their peers more quickly. Because they “just can’t handle it”. Poor widdle white kids and their uninvolved, uninterested parents. Don’t even know what’s going on with their messed up, crazy as hell kids. Every time I hear about a school shooting or some plot to blow up a school. I just KNOW it’s somebody white Don’t ya just HATE that???????. Man, these white kids are outta control I tell ya. I blame the parents!!!!!!

Almost forgot, What about all those upstanding white adults who show up at the funerals of veterans protesting who knows what. Now THAT is some seriously funny sh*t! After all this time, I still don’t know what they are protesting but I just find that funny as all get out. But what else is new, crazy white people doing what they do best. Anybody know when the next protest funeral is?



5 thoughts on “8 Arrested After Brawl at Kindergarten Graduation

  1. These people hinestly think and feel they are better than you and I. They really do think this. I just hope this page serve as another reminder to Black people that the white person next to you may not be your friend.

  2. Jesus and Pam just wondering about something I saw on your site Pam. It was said that Just before the jewish holocaust that interacial marriage, dating and so on were at their highest. So, I wonder what happened to these peoples and their husbands, wives, lovers, children and so on. I mean did they just say goodbye at the door??? I’m sure the jews never saw it coming like that sleeping everynight in bed next to their german loves.

    • @ honeytreebee

      that’s a great question. I would not be surprised if those who stuck by their Jewish spouses were not killed as well. And I wouldn’t be surprised if some turned against their Jewish spouses and family members

      bottom line
      you cannot solve a problem by getting in bed with it

  3. This just shows that racism is an institution and that even with well meaning individuals who may have never hated a jew in their life that when the racist system snapped into action no exceptions were made, lovers and such couldn’t or wouldn’t save you. Millions losst their lives believing that they were German till it was too late.

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