biachslayer: I can imagine it, it’s so beautiful.


dirtygroid: Sheeit


screwface1011: Man!! I love this. Please keep it up, Black folk have forgotten who their nature born enemy is and this should serve as a stark reminder.
Again, thank you. Oh, if you want some really funny articles check this site out cynicalafrikan(.)com


Mud Shark: Beautiful.


RJTinyo7: I think I saw some cousins in this one! Obviously a world without “n-words” is one that is serene and peaceful as this video suggest.
The way the media and hollywood emits constant images of them in America it is hard to believe they are only about 13% of the population.


11 thoughts on “Imagine

  1. We are hue-man. You must have hue to be considered a person. They are man kind,a kind of man but not the original people. But what do you expect from those that evolved in snow caves wearing fur coats and eating raw meat. It’s funny how they’ve spread death,disease,genocide,slavery and colonization YET black people are the problem. These guys kill

    • Thank you for stopping by and having a look at the handy work of those in power. We know what the deal is, but sadly not enough of us know it. We fall into traps designed strickly for us and we do it with full knowledge. Willful ignorance? Or doing what needs to be done?

      Again, thank you.

  2. The ‘video: What a crock. As is the 1940’s graphic you chose for the background. I have never been anonymous. I speak my truth and sign my name. Natural enemy indeed. We each are our own worst enemy at all times; we needn’t look any further than our reflection.

  3. The painting in the background is called New Kids in the Neighborhood (Negroes in the Suburbs), it was completed in 1967 by Normal Rockwell. To the left is a Black brother and sister and opposite them are three white children. It just so happened they got covered; funny how things work huh?

    Ms. Sandra, you know like you and I really appreciate your writing. You are where I want to be as far as that is concerned. But please, let’s not pretend that if you saw me walking down the street in your Northwest Pacific neighborhood, you wouldn’t wonder just what the hell was going on here? I know you would like to think that you would be okay with me and my walking, but seriously, you would to know something about why I was walking. We are both adults and have been around long enough to know that Black people and white people will never be on the same level at the same time. It just won’t happen. The people in charge of this planet would rather blow it up than to lose it to anyone that even ressemble me. Your input on this page would probably do folk some good, but it’s not needed. That is just the bottom line.

    The reason this page came about is because people like you, the ones who talk nice and smile; these are the same ones that make these comments after these articles and videos. Not that you do that, but you know what I mean. I work with a lot white people and see the little things that they do when Black folk are around. The stuff they don’t think we notice. Those are the people that write these things but would never say them to my face. MOST white people don’t care for people that look like me and that is cool with me, be at least have the heart to say it. I would rather know, so we can avoid each other rather than not know and pretend. You’ve read my writings you know where I stand.

    As far as natural enemies go; well you tell me. Who has made this life? Who has made this system? It wasn’t the reflection in my mirror. I may be my worst enemy, but I was made into that; you were born into it.

    I’ll continue to post the most vile racist comments I can find. I wasn’t going to do that but now I think I will. I will expose to you very best people that look like you have to offer about people that look like me. I will do it with a clear conscious because I think they do it with a clear conscious. You can stay and give us your inside insight or not. Or better yet, you wanna help, tell Black people what white people say when no Black people are around. You won’t do that because that would make you no better.

  4. Wow, Jesus it never surprises me what people will say. I once caught wind of a conversation like the comments you post here at a job I used to work at. They forgot tha I was pulling over time and pulling files from the next room for the next day and they had a long conversation about all of the black folks at work. I was amazing to hear them go on and on about us and you would have never thought this by looking at them. The way they treated us and what they said how they laughed at peoples…

    • We’ve talked Jesus and you know I’ve been up close and personal not all by choice with white people all my life. Without fail one day it happens they start some mess about being better than, white supremacy raises its ulgy head and it all comes crashing down. It is to the point that I am waiting for the shoe to drop with all f them… Knowing this makes it hurt a little less, but dissapoints and sickens all the same.

    • That is the point I’m trying to make here. I want Black people to think about the people next to them. Before you call them friend and start grinning, know that these people here, could be one of those people there.

      • Yeah, Jesus I watched as they called their own children out of their name (NiG*ER). I also witnessed letting others do the same and degrade them. This was not just once or with one person, but different people doing this over and over again. It is not to say that all white parent of black children do this, but the danger is always there, real, and when done is crushing to bother child and the other parent alike. It rips out the heart as everything you thought you werer building with this person turns out to be a lie and an evil one .

  5. Imagine finding out that the one you come from and love will never really see you that to them even when you were a little one and they could see themselves in you that you were always some how never enough, dirty, and would never really be worthy of their true love. Just some sort of facade was what the very fabric of you being was made on. The child is left to wonder who am I how did I come from amonster. The parent is left wondering what have I done? The cost a

  6. The cost for the black child and parent is so high, those wounds just never seem to heal and leave ulgy scars on the most tender flesh of the heart. It is the worst type of abuse cause it cuts so quick to the soul and if, they who caused the offense don’t understand then there is no use attempting to explain cause they never will which makes it all the more horrifyingly, real. It is not just the child and parent being violeated but, their ancestors too.

  7. I mean this in a real physical way as we are made from their cells and our cells carry memory they feel as we feel. Now how about the war that is forced up, and within that child. No, the more I think on this more the more I know…. Sandra has a point we are our own worst enemy in that we trust, forgive, and repeat too easily. Collectively we are always looking for a sign of true change and understanding not realizing we are chasing a mirage.

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