[Geust]: >>>Some online commenters were so offended by the concept of a happy mixed-race family that they said the advert made them ‘want to vomit’.

I’m online, and I’m commenting.

This advertisement makes me want to vomit.


Morris Lechat: Next time you are in the supermarket, grab a box or can of “punch” walk over to the Cheerios shelf, and place it there. Remind people how uncivilized blacks act. Keep the issue alive that pop culture is now agitating for white genocide through the breeding with these creatures. Remind them of what those creatures in fact REALLY are. Put the punch on the Cheerios shelf folk, and keep putting it there.

here is the story of how they will brawl over a simple matter of spilled punch, how even the simplest forms of civilized behavior beyond their capabilities:



Bandmo: I watched that, should have had chicken bones and a crack pipe laying on that black mans chest. That I would buy.


Xerxes22: As soon as I saw the headline about a mixed-race family in a ad, I knew it would be a WF/BM. Our enemies never change their tactics or their goals.


exLibtard: It’s more demoralizing. We Whites are more protective of our women and it’s more of a punch in the stomach to see a White woman in the arms of a black who probably wouldn’t hesitate to beat her up. Our enemies know how to pull at our strings.

reply robin: our women have a great desire to fit in and not offend.

in some cases it has cost them their life.

and they feel a need to protect the underdog and nurture.

our enemies know this and use it against us.

reply Mentious: A fundamental issue with our women will be White male brotherhood. Women gravitate toward whatever men are in most solidarity with each other. I call it the “Beatles effect.” (Men-in-harmony mean: We will repel the invader, we will have a successful harvest/hunt, we will get through the winter, we can make babies.” It’s why white women screamed over John, Paul, George, and Ringo.) Until White men are in brotherly solidarity the way, say, Mestizo illegals are — our hope is not strong. Same thing is seen in countries like Norway where the Muslim men are in strong fellowship; the Norwegian males more isolated and thus easily threatened by the Muslim men. So the Norwegian women are starting to go with Muslims.

reply LaSantaHermandad: I think that perhaps we’re giving them credit for too much insight.

reply Dave4088: Just yesterday I saw a very pretty young blond female with a skinny, black as the night, ugly black man jog by my house. And you know they are more than just jogging buddies. Seeing that filled me with feelings of disgust, anger and nausea.

reply Mentious: The question needs to be asked openly and publicly: “What did that black man do to deserve a White woman? Whined and complained a lot…?”

reply Morris LeChat:  Want to bet that her jogging route brought her past the house of a white ex she is very angry at?Look, don’t sweat it, women are irrational, emotional, silly. They will make extremely bad decisions and then be stuck with the consequences. Then, instead of admitting she made a mistake, she will resent the rest of the world, especially anyone who dares show, in their eyes, any signs of recognition of that mistake when they look at her fatherless offspring. There is nothing one can ever due to change that reality. Some women become temporary lesbians to get back at a white guy, some do black men. In the end, their anger turns them into drug users or alcoholics, they are always a total mess later on. IF you are a white guy, just concentrate on your own woman and family.

reply your mom: hahahaha!……..lolol


Homo_Occidentalis: Black males can produce more “caramelized” offspring if they impregnate multiple white female partners than a black female can with one white male. The whole point is to make black men crazy for white women. It seems to be working.

reply Svigor: Nah. The point is to normalize and laud white women who mate with black males. Black males certainly aren’t the ones who need persuading in this regard.


Tucker: White females are the only females in the world who can produce White babies. A White man’s seed is required, of course. Hence, the Cultural Marxist enemy is targeting White women and working overtime to convince/brainwash them to shun White men and instead, hop into bed with blacks (primarily, since their genes are the most destructive) or with any other non-white race of men.

Also, White females who are in their child bearing years are down to approximately 3% of the world-wide population of White European people.

That’s the demographic group who our enemies are targeting.

Oh, and I also believe that our enemy understands that no racially healthy, racially proud White man who has a molecule of dignity and self-respect would want to have anything to do with any White woman who he knew had previously had sexual relations with a black. Thus, all our enemy has to do is to brainwash White women to ‘experiment’ one time and then, as far as most racially healthy White men are concerned – if they are aware that she’s done that, then she may as well hang a sign on her belt that reads: ‘Condemned’.

Or, to be more precise: Once you’ve gone black, we don’t want you back.

And, as Courtney would demand – the same rule applies for White men.


Erasmus: Did they go for realism in the advert?

“Hey, beetch, bring me ma’ breakfas’ ceral! An’ whil you be at It yo motha’ fu**in’ ho’, bring me ma cra’ pipe!”

reply (not me but commenter named me) me: They do….

reply Daine: Actually, those little girls are very cute.

reply Sam: They’re beautiful girls, and they look more like the dad than the mom.

reply Wanye: Reluctantly, I have to agree with you. The are adorable.

reply ireland: Is this a real family or just an advertisement? To me it is even more awkward to see a white man with a black woman than a black man with a white woman. And children included?! In real life a white man wouldn’t be caught dead in a photo like this.


Webby: I think most white males would find having a black female as a partner, almost as unappealing as having a gay man as a partner. We are programed to mate with the most beautiful woman we can, whereas women seem less critical of aesthetics. Lesbians are frequently made of one decent looking woman and one that’s some caricature of something found no where else in nature.

reply Gary: I would argue that there are a growing number of White male/Black female couples. Moreover, they tend to be middle class or higher.

reply Mr. E: You’re right about the growingnumber of black female/white male relationships; and you’re right that they tend to be of a higher class than their black male/white female counterparts. The reason is simple — blacks have the greatestdisparityof male-female college graduates and advanced degreesof any race. Very few black men attain advanced degreesin comparison to black women. So if these women want to marry someone with a comparable education and income, they often have to marry out of their race.

reply Yogurt Lover: Exactly!


Sangraal: ‘I got in big trouble in a job for refusing to date a black male coworker. 

The punishments meted out to me were obscene…’

That’s outrageous…would they have you date him against your will purely to appease his poor wounded entitlemed-victim complex? Did you mention race explicitly, or was it just implied?

I’ve often thought that the taboo against white women ‘sticking to their own’ – ie. ‘don’t wanna sleep with a black guy? DAS RAYCISS!!!’ – is tantamount to a warrant for sexual coercion. I shudder to think how many white females have lain with blacks against their genuine will purely to avoid the stigma of being ‘racist’. The threat of this stigma is nothing short of intimidation. It seems that there is also a kind of ‘self-policing’ at work here, an internalisation of mass-propagated cultural ‘norms’, such is the guilt and terror of thoughtcrime. It’s the same internalisation at work when a white person is more scared of appearing racist by avoiding a threatening group of blacks, than of the genuine harm they risk, thus willingly walking straight into the lion’s den.

reply Svigor: It’s an outrageous fantasy. She does that a lot.

reply Freey’all: No, Svigor, it’s quite the reality. What makes you think that you can speak for me in any way? There are women are branching off in this movement, in part because of disconnects like yours. White men and women sometimes live in a totally different world.

You fall into the worst trap anti-whites set for us when you purport to speak for me as a white woman, and for what I’ve lived. I’m not going to dignify your fantasy of what the world is about for some white women, other than to call it that.

reply HJ11: I still don’t get it. You said you had some sort of problem at work because you refused to date a Black. Can you explain that a little more, please?

reply Freey’all: I was working at a restaurant in NJ not far out of NYC. Various black people took to harassing me. One was a 6’4″ man who physically grabbed and shook me and a blonde woman on a few occasions. Another was this black guy who would try to involve me in belabored race and gender discussions, long after the pretty short period in which I was willing to engage in them. He kept doing this because instead of him getting blamed for it, I would be – as if I cared about this annoying idiot. Meanwhile another black man made it his mission to try to force me to go out with him. On one occasion he stood right next to me and just pressed his hand against my side while I was talking to someone…and I had nothing to do with him other than perhaps be polite when a group was standing around chatting. I had ZERO interest in him, but he seemed to have this sense of entitlement towards me as a white woman. As I continuously rejected his advances and simply ignored him, he became increasingly hostile and waged a campaign to either force me to give into him or maybe get me fired. To accomplish this he would try to make it look like I was making mistakes, often starting a fight with me in the middle of the kitchen, yelling at me and making a scene. A black woman would start to harass me, too, during this period. She would make hostile comments to the blabbermouth one and try to blame me for the pursuer’s drama. Finally, another black man who noticed it refused to say something to the managers and instead also tried to blame me for all these disgusting people’s aggressions, even as it impacted his ability to make money when the pursuer sacrificed efficiency to ride me.

I had to leave the job and suffered horribly for it in ways that I am not comfortable elaborating on here, although someday I hope to make the fuller story public, as well as those of other white women who have been forced to bow to diversity. I actually had another experience with a vindictive black male that was just as hideous in its ramifications for me and even for a white man who tried to defend me, who was egregiously injured by the black man’s wrath. Svigor’s comments prove him to be a misogynist and they add nothing to a pro-white site but fodder for our enemies.


reply 48224: My wife and I were commenting on this commercial. It seems that companies and governments are now promoting inter-racial relationships….who knows if they were even married….I doubt it. Maybe Kim Kardashian should should have played the mom…then do a fast forward 5 years later, black dad is in jail and mom and the kids are on welfare or living with the white grandparents.





6 thoughts on “DAMN YOU CHEERIOS!!!

  1. All these comments over a cereal commercial!!lol That’s really funny!lol I saw some of this on the news. I will admit that it’s interracial propaganda. Just like the homosexual agenda they force down our throats. We really are in a war with these folks. I have no need for a white woman. And I’ve never dated one in my life. Although I see these couples almost everyday in my neighborhood. I think these type of commercials do reinforce the idea that these couples are just normal. I guess I’m used to seeing this do I don’t get that worked up about it. But I do realize what they’re trying to do.I’m about black love–so this commercial is garbage to me. Good post though. It really shows how “post racial” this country is.lol

    • They are going hard with this inter-racial thing these days. The best thing you can do is just turn off the tv. I follow a couple of programs on the networks but I always watch them online, my tv is just for my video gaming hobby. Which reminds me; I don’t know if you play, but they have the inter-racial thing in video games a lot these days as well. In fact, a game out now called Bioshock Infinite is just straight up racist with the cooning Black Jig, with red lips and all. It’s real out here for us.

      Yes, Black love is the order of the day and we who know the deal need to be pushing it every single day of our lives.

      • The name says it all Bio Shock. It is a Bio Shock. Sigh I so love having brothas like you and Kushite around. Y’all help keep the crazy at bay. The slop box thing would be so funny if, it wasn’t happening in a big way out here. You right on this one black love is in high order.

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