Jack McCain and his new wife Renee swift. Photo courtesy of the office of Senator John McCain.     

The child of another leading establishment Republican leader has taken a black spouse. The  second time in less than weeks that this has happened.Jack McCain and Renee Swift met while they were both stationed in Guam. Renee is currently a captain in the Air Force reserve, and Jack McCain is a lieutenant in the Navy.The wedding took place Saturday night in San Francisco.The couple immediately left for a honeymoon in Africa after the wedding.On May 13th the daughter of John Boehner married a black Rastafarian from Jamaican.


Yale2001: Great. Keep allowing our genetic gifts to decompose before our eyes. I see America’s overall IQ dropping every year. Should make it a bit easier for the Chinese to enslave us.

reply Brandi On The Rocks: Lol looks to me like the only “gift” you were “blessed” was ignorance. Enjoy your bliss


 AvatarRon Joseph: What a shame.


Andy: Freakshow


IstvanIN: Very sad, he is a nice looking fellow who could have done better.


Joe Swanson: I guess young skywalker has finally turned to the dark side of the force, well like father traitor….like race traitor son.


tma_sierrahills: Now McCain can get the Latino AND the black vote, all 3 percent of it.


Jack McWhite: governor Tom Corbetts daughter is married to a negro Phila. cop that found himself on the other side of the law after stealing $50.00 in marked money during a drug bust


Bad_Mr_Frosty: Isn’t there a theory of the decline of Ancient Egypt was caused by introducing Nubian blood into the royal family?


dave: now you see what the republican party has become. they might gain 2 % of the minority vote but will lose 30 % of the white vote. jaun mccain/mcshame strikes again.


AvatarRebel Bill: She’s got a lot of cream in her coffee.


sbuffalonative: It was a proud moment when John Boehner’s daughter married a Jamaican:

reply Ken Ober: Not just a Jamaican, but a drug using Jamaican. As I think about it maybe that’s an oxymoron, I suppose most if not all Jamaican’s are drug abusers.

reply thehumburger: In the time you thought about it you could have used an online dictionary. That’s not what an oxymoron is.



dean53: Pathetic. No wonder so many RINOs hate their base. They think they are so morally superior to us. They are embarrassed by the people who put them in office.


Stephen Dalton: The lion sleeps tonight, the Mc Cain’s, well…..


REDNXT: Congrats and good luck! 😀





  1. Guess who’s coming to dinner??lol These racist comments are hilarious!lol But you’re right,I’ve noticed a trend with interracial marriages involving conservatives lately. I think a lot of these children grow up sheltered and not around black folks growing up. So there’s always a curiousity involving the “unknown”. I remember in college there were a lot of white girls from small towns that dated brothers. I had some hit on me at parties,but you know that wasn’t I’m not trying to be used for sexual experimentation. That’s what a lot of this stuff is about. They just want to taste some “chocolate” and get it out of their system.
    Which brings to mind……do you remember former basketball player Glen Rice said he had a relationship with Sarah Palin. This was back in his college days and she was a news reporter. I hear it was just a one night stand. I’m sure those white conservatives will never look at her the same way again. You betcha!lol

  2. I really don’t know what’s fueling it outside of it’s the plan. This maybe the way things are supposed to go and we are just seeing it in real time. I bet when the presidents oldest starts to date her first public date will be with a white dude or at least someone not Black.

    That Palin chick……yeah, whatever.

    • I think some of it is fueled by self loathing. Also, the mistake of thinking that this person is different because they say the right things and treat you well. A lack of understanding of racism. Also, it can be hard finding a mate that is like minded. Too much anger on both sides for things that are not our fault. Also dealing with white problems as if, they were our own. All this makes it hard on us getting together and staying together.
      I’m not worried though reading their comments they’ll kill themselves off soon enough. Wp can’t help, but kill all we need to do is stay out of the way.

      • Yes. Self-loathing is a big part of this whole thing for sure. There is nothing someone can tell me to make me do something I don’t wanna do. Especially something like this. It maybe different for women, but if that woman had any clue as to the history of the relationship between Black women and white men in this country, I think she would think long and hard before even saying good morning.

        And yeah, we can sit on the sideline and watch them slaughter each other. If they don’t have us kill ourselves off first. Have you seen Game Of Thrones? NO? Check that out and you’ll see how this thing will end.

        Thank you for stopping by.

  3. With all of the terror they have caused I just can’t. I would never be able to get the voices and images of the women who endured this by force out of my head. Not until racism is gone not until we are healed. Not until we are on again with our names and languages back. Not until it never was… then there will be no need or desire. For why would I ever want to be outside of the love of my true complement.

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