heyitsmejason1: I hope her baby mugs her


Ken: That is some excellent satire. I’m glad it finally got released. I’m sure as these children grow older these celebrities will rue the day they adopted them. Serves them right.


NeverEvrLand: Only the “tribe” can get away with comedy like that and that was comedy gold in my book. Too bad that white people can’t make humorous observations about white guilt and liberal celebrities because that would be the most target rich environment ever seen.

This issue points out one of the rare instances that I find myself in agreement with the majority of black people who find the adoption of their kin by whites to be abhorrent. They seem to , at a very basic level, understand how unnatural the whole “black baby” trend is and are not afraid to openly criticize it.

It seems most of those adopting these little bantu bundles of joy are older white women who apparently didn’t get the memo that when you are a single, middle-aged , career-obsessed woman who can no longer bear children you simply add to the kitty collection.


anonymous: Seems every ad on TV,magazines,newspapers,etc.have some kind of black.Shampoo ads give us a break as they use different products. This year I notice Father’s Day ads with blacks and their kids in business attire or hardhats.What a joke.


Eric: Well we all know that those Hymieweird “stars” are all about keeping their name in print, and we all know that white libtards view non-Whites, especially Blacks, as their pets. Trouble is when “black baby” grows up into “urban youth/yufe.” You know damn well “black baby” is raised by a nanny and people like Madonna, Brangelina, and others will be out of the spotlight when “black baby” thugz out. So they’ll just let someone else like the prison system deal with their “former black babies.”


xXmyxxmastaXx: damn niggers


hdk468mm17: Lol, disgusting niggers. inb4 this gets taken down by butthurt cultural marxist liberals.


CampCarforLife: Anything to bring down the white man.


ProNorden: I know “Good help is hard to find” , but you shouldn’t have to ‘grow your own’.


skiney85: Whites bringing blacks over from Africa… this seems familiar for some reason..




d3321ck: if i ever get rich i plan on collecting a few black babies myself, to improve my imagine with work piers and such.


Johnny Nicholas: Best keep that receipt in case black baby goes “muh dick” and try to save up for a white one


howboutthatchange: “Black Baby…collect them all…” No thanks, my financial situation won’t support 30 gallons of Cocoa Butter each month.


Zelterman: Those niglets are cute(?)





  1. damn you SET! if it wasn’t for you and your crew experimenting back in Egypt, white people wouldn’t be here.smh, I feel sorry for the little king.

  2. I did a post on my blog last year about white celebs adopting black babies. I really find it sick. These kids will grow up so damn whitewashed. They’ll have no black identity. Let’s be real here. What the hell can Angelina or Madonna teach a child about the black experience? Nothing! This is all about looking good in the eyes of the public. Their saving these poor children from their war torn homeland. Give me a break! These people are self serving demons! It’s all about stroking their egos. They suffer from a “God complex”. Makes me want to throw up!

    • I noticed in your comment that you didn’t refer to those people are stars. I never get why people call them stars.

      Anyway, this just more of the samething that it’s always been. White folk thinking they know better than anyone else. LOVE!!? No. Property? Yes.

  3. i just posted about this on Abagond’s blog


    and this is exactly what it is with all these white females adopting black babies and most seem to PREFER BLACK BOYS

    wonder why? all kinds of reasons

    don’t want black females around

    want the latest accessory to UP their “brand”

    want to have what the black female has (they want to produce “color” )

    want to covet and control “blackness”

    raising white advocates (allies) for the system of white supremacy (and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were ORDERED to do that by their “bosses” — a LONGTIME STRATEGY of white supremacy)

    And are simply practicing white supremacy because TAKING black and non-white children as their PROPERTY is what white people have ALWAYS DONE

    • I think this is like killing a few Black birds with one white stone. They get to look all pc and progressive while neutralizing Blackness. At the same time making Black people look incapable of taking care of their own children. And on and on.

      I really need to stop commenting soon, I have nothing but venom these days. I’m like a Black viper anymore.

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