This from Politics365:


Yesterday, I talked about how John Derbyshire’s “advice” to White parents on what to say to their kids about black people was the right idea with the wrong messenger. You can see my column here.

And while Derbyshire’s racist suggestions got him fired from the National Review it doesn’t mean that most White parents out there are doing a particularly good job to talking to thier kids about race.

So, I know you’ve all been waiting patiently to see … drum roll please:

The Talk for White Parents to their White Kids about Black People

In this day and age of Black presidents, a Black First Lady that still makes a White man’s head explode and George Zimmerman killing a defenseless Trayvon Martin in cold blood, you’ll need it.  It will come in handy White people, so read carefully. Don’t just open for emergencies, depending on what’s an emergency to you.  But, this should work for:

1) The first time your kid asks why there’s a Black history month

2) The first time they come to you asking about the word “nigger;” and

3) Just about any other time you’re stumped by a Black/White race issue and don’t know what to say.


Dear White son or daughter [INSERT NAME HERE], here’s what you need to know:

1) Black People and White people are different but that doesn’t mean one is better than the other. Black people look different, often eat different foods, communicate and socialize in ways that may seem strange or odd for you. But just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s bad, or that the way you do things is better. Always remember that.

2) If you don’t know something about Black people ask a lot of them. Your Black friends don’t speak for all Black people. It’s perfectly okay to not know something, because honestly unless you ask every Black person in America you really don’t know. Do you?

3) White People as a group have done terrible things to Blacks in this country – and just because they are black (not to mention Asians, Latinos and American Indians). This is a fact. You may not be personally responsible but you benefit from this fact and therefore have some responsibility. No: you never enslaved anybody, neither did your mother or I, but lots of White people did. Once slavery was over, White people spent about 100 years mistreating Blacks because they couldn’t figure out how to send them all home after that whole nation-building thing. This means that Black people used to get killed just for trying to vote, weren’t allowed to live where they wanted to, and even today some White people refuse to hire Blacks just because they are black. And while those types of things are illegal, people still do it. You benefit from this. So before you ever judge a Black person remember that other White people worked for centuries to make sure you’d be okay and Black people would stay poor.

4) Saying “nigger” is the same thing as saying “bitch.” Even though you may hear it in music, or with your friends at school you know perfectly well that you shouldn’t use that word regardless of who is in earshot. And really, why is it so important to use it anyway?

5) Always remember there is a difference between a Black neighborhood, a bad neighborhood and a poor neighborhood. Just because an area has lots of Black people doesn’t mean they’re poor or that there’s lots of crime. There are plenty of places where black people live that are nicer than our neighborhood. You should avoid any group of people that seem dangerous because of their behavior or activities, whether that’s in a trailer park or an inner city ghetto. You can get robbed by anybody.

6) No matter who your sister/brother has dated, or what your friends have told you, or how many episodes of Chappelle Show you’ve watched you do not KNOW Black people. Who or what you listen to, read, or sleep with does not make you Black. Acting like you know everything about Black people because you have some Black friends or enjoy rap music is ignorant.

7) Black people are not pets, so don’t touch them without permission, or change your voice when you’re around them, or worse: automatically try to set them up with any Black person you know. This never works out. If you’re curious about their hair just ask, you’d be amazed at some of the stuff Black folks hear all day.

8) And finally: the best way to get along with Black people is to not be oblivious. Nothing annoys Black people more than White people who pretend racism doesn’t exist and then proclaim ignorance in the face of overwhelming evidence. Just because you don’t see it, or don’t want to see it, doesn’t mean Black people are paranoid or making things up. If you think about lesson 3 you should be good on this.

I know this talk has made you uncomfortable, but your mother/father and I believe that it’s better for you to hear this at home than learning about it on the streets or from your friends. Now go out to the park and make some Black friends! But just promise me you won’t cut through those trailer parks. I heard those people are all single moms and sell crystal meth.



JOEY: That’s a big load of guilt, don’t you think?


reply Peter: It’s way more than that………… it’s a huge racist article. I am sick and tired of listening to the blacks… Ohh, excuse me, African Americans, bitch about us whites (I mean European Americans) ruining their lives. Never and I mean NEVER have I heard one black person thank ME for freeing their great, great….. grandpappy from the southern slavers. My family’s blood lay in the dirt of America as family MEMBERS (PLURAL) died to free the south and all the blacks who were held there. I am sick and tired of listening to this perpetual bullshit about racism when it’s NOT the white person who perpetuates this “problem.” It’s the black culture of our country who does so and does so as it gets them something for nothing, or at least for less. ALL people in this country have the same opportunities. If a person wishes to stand back and hold out his/her hand instead of working, then of course you will continue to work for “us white folk” for generations to come. In closing, I am a HUGE fan of Dr. Martin Luther King and for years now I have felt sorry for all he and his family gave up for the likes of today’s current black (oppps, African American) population. GET OFF THE RACIST wagon and get to work, like the rest of us!!!!!


Debra: From what I have learned in my life of 53 years, I seriously think the race thing is promoted by whomever it benefits at the moment. Speaking from my heart, black people are created by the same God that created the rest of the people on this earth, whether they be black, white, Indian, Asian, Chinese, or one of the other races that exist.
It seems that there are only a handful of whites that are truly racist and would resort to violence against them because of their skin color and visa versa.
Having said that, one cannot help but notice that the majority of race assaults in this country are blacks assaulting whites. Occasionally, you hear of a white assaulting a black but again it is rare. Now it may or may not have been true back 100 or 200 years ago, I suspect most of the stories were true but I also suspect that we have not been told the whole story. Frankly, judging by the information that is allowed to be made known through our media today, none of us really know what percentage of white assaults on blacks were a result of personal hatred or politically motivated.
Everyone can see clearly that our current president is one who uses race to advance his political agenda. From where I sit, he is instigating violence every time he jumps to a conclusion regarding a matter when black and white both are involved. He is developing an official record that the entire world is witness to.
How many reports were there of white men preventing people from voting in the 2008 election? How many reports about Black Panthers were reported about standing outside polling places threatening people that wanted to go and vote? What did our Attorney General do about it? Nothing. But if the situation were reversed, the white men would of been crucified. That is racist by our own governments and media.


Debra: Racism is promoted by our own governments. …For the record the man that shot Travyon Martin was not White as the media tries to suggest, he is Hispanic. Wonder why the media has not corrected this error? Why is it social taboo to tell white kids how to behave when they find themselves in unfamiliar territory where harm could come their way, but the same rule and acceptance is not expected toward blacks? Is that a double standard?
Why are their black colleges and not white colleges? Why are their black political groups but not white ones? Why is there a NAACP but no equivalent for white people?
Those all are examples of corrupt and demented thinking on the part of our leaders.
It would not offend me if black parents instructed their children to be careful around certain white groups. Seriously, unless I’m guilty of committing the crimes it does not bother me in any way. It may be sound advice! Who am I to say? The same holds true for whites and being given sound warnings to keep themselves from harm. What black parent out there would be offended in that? Their own black children could be harmed by these black thugs…who can SAY?
Sheeish! Check yourselves media! Are you all racist in secret? Why else the double standards and taboo. Black people are just as intelligent as white people. They are also just as human and able to understand right from wrong, good and bad, and just and unjust. Black and White both breathe the same air and occupy the same geography, they are not as different as the government and media like to portray them!


reply OhYes: The reason that there are black colleges and the NAACP is because blacks continue to struggle in american whether you see it or not and at the end of the day we depend on each other to lift one another up and keep our people rising. White people are priviledge and life is a lot easier for them than it is for a black people.

reply shane: are you retarted? you obviously live under a rock you see i live in the real world and i can tell you right now what i just read couldn’t be furthest from the truth. i grew up around niggers, i know how they act even the young kids have no manners no class and when you say niggers are just as intelligent as white ppl it has been scientifically proven that they our not!!! so you need to get your facts straight! so go ahead and let your children around them 1 of 3 things are going to happen your kids will want to act like a dumb nigger, we already see that transpiring today they will end up in jail over something to do with a dumb nigger, or they will end up dead!!! niggers are not like white ppl period!!!!

reply kevin: yes this happens but from both sides, what do you think when they say “white b!tch” ? still they only care about the poor black side, its deficience on equality that causes this.
leave alone the crime and violence


wllie Lynch: you didnt mention that every year 30,000 white women are raped by blacks, and zero black women are raped by whites, If thats not enough, then how about blacks are 7times more likely to murder you than whites . Stay away from them, they are sub animals.


ShayNayNayNot: Of course this was written by an uppity Apefirmative Action colored boy who does not know its place and is playing the race card and blame YT in typical groid fashion. This house boy needs some time in fields to learn its place. There is no such thing as “black people” and there never will be. The are a filthy, diseased and parasitic sub-species that would of gone extinct through natural selection long ago if it was not for the race traitor coon coddler, enablers and panderers. What our precious human children need to be taught is that coloreds are a danger to human society and humans as a whole. For 13% of the US population they are 67% of the prison population, 59% of the AIDS and STDs population, etc. Coloreds rape, rob and murder, not necessarily in that order, defenseless humans for no reason whatsoever. They rape their three day old sprogs and kill their mates. Here is what I taught my children: Stay the f*ck away from these dangerous animals at all costs. Do not “befriend” them or even speak with them. They know that bestiality is a sin against God and nature and they would rather be dead than have a groid touch them. Jim Crow laws and segregation must be reinstated immediately to keep humans safe. BTW: Trayvon aka Lil Skittles was not defenseless and murdered. He was made good in self defense as he attacked Mr. Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman is a hero alongside James Earl Ray and Bernie Geotz. Read more about groid crime, what they do to humans and Lil Skittles at chimpmania.


wllie Lynch: these animals will rape you and murder you while they make your loved one watch, then do the same to you and not blink or lost a minutes sleep, If this is the kind of animal you want your daughter to go out with, then you are lost to anyone, You are a credible insane person, Be smart, avoid the groid, say NO to the colored, say NO, no matter what,, for the truth go to chimpmania.com for the truth

reply debc2: EVERYBODY is over the racial guilt thing. I do not buy in to it. This country needs it’s citizens to work and pay taxes. As many as we can get. Welfare is not an occupation. I am white but believe me I have seen racism. Black people hate us because we were born white. We did not get to choose our birth color a bit more than anyone of any color so stop trying to get people of ANY color to feel bad or guilty about their color. One key thing you need to know about white people……..We are so over it. I do not like or dislike you because of your color. I do not feel sorry for you because of your color. I do not think you are entitled to free stuff because of your color. I don’t need to spend all my free time trying to figure you out because of your color. I recognize our differences but most of all I recognize the fact that we are all human beings with differences. I don’t owe anybody anything because of their color and as for the colors that do feel entitled because of their color, well you are holding yourself exactly where you are. Dependent on a government that don’t give a crap about your well being or mine.



CritcalMass88: Well put! This is so very ture! Black on white crimeI has been supressed by the media for generations. However, if the opposite is to occur, and it does from time to time, that’s all we hear about from the disinformedia! Being a victim of black crime, more than once I can tell you things are not getting better. But you seem well informed and I’m sure you know this already. Thank God for the internet! More people are speaking about these atrocities and someday, it will not be able to be avoided…Like the big, black, gorillia in the room that it is!


Hmooney: This is directed at the author of this article: Okay, read this and disagree with one thing. What is the purpose of a white parent telling their white child that even though they haven’t done anything wrong, they are benefiting from someone else’s wrongdoing? Are you actually suggesting that parents should instill undeserved guilt into their children? In reverse that would be like publishing an article recommending that black parents should tell their black children that in the past, some black people have done very bad things, committed very bad crimes, and don’t get mad if people are suspicious of you. And don’t give me the all black people haven’t committed crimes stuff. I know that. Just like all white people didn’t own slaves. I don’t think ANY child should ever have the baggage of someone else’s sin lain on their shoulders. I do like the fact that this is actually being discussed, instead of BOTH sides having a ‘you should read my mind and know what I expect’ attitude. it is especially helpful for those of us who don’t look like they fit completely in either world, and are rejected by some in both. As for the ignorant and racists remarks in these comments. Pffft asses like to hear themselves bray.


willie hunter: the only thing that will change all of us gay, straight, black, white, indian, jap etc. is the day we look up and some space mother fucker starts mowing us down with a force we have never seen before and we have to fight shoulder to shoulder to send those space niggers back to were the fuck they come from. and untill that day comes, we will continue to fight eachother.


scooterslut: Ha ha. You delusional niggers make the internet funny (in a ‘watching a low grade moron try to figure out how to use the phone’ kind of way.
Rock on gorilla face! 


Kay K. Kaye: NIGGERS are stupid, lazy, parasitic, violent, brutish SUBHUMANS. Plus, they FUCKING STINK! The only credible scientific evidence that exists (that has not been suppressed) suggests that they might not even be human beings.

Unless you just landed here on earth from another planet, or are MENTALLY RETARDED, you should have by now deduced these irrefutable facts.


Sara: Are you serious? We benefitted from it? Blacks, unqualified and uneducated benefit from affirmative action and racebait and ridicule whites. The benefit from their hatred. Fill companies full of unqualified blacks and run the companies into the ground.

How dare you try to fill children full of guilt. You are a monster. Why don’t you teach black kids not to have a chip on their shoulders and not to blame others for generations of apathy.

I am shocked that you would be willing to say out loud that blacks can’t succeed without white people making allowances. That’s pathetic.


shane: i don’t want my innocent white children around a bunch of dumb niggers, what i lie to my kids about how niggers act fuck that!!! niggers are the worst race they are uneducated, they have no respect whatsoever no regard for man’s laws, they are lazy, yell when they talk! “talk like dis nigga ya dawg”! they are violent unpredictable they are sponges mooching off decent hard working whites or the white devil according to them! yet we pay OUR taxes to pay for there fucking welfare an food stamps! for those that choose not to believe it or live in denial the facts are all right their in front of you, niggers should not SHOULD not be equal to white people period.


Joe Ma: I’m Asian and even I can’t agree with your guilt inducing article. And frankly, most traditional Hispanics and Asian parents are more in line with Derbyshire’s view than yours. They will NOT let their kids date Blacks or bring Blacks home. There’s 4 groups in America now, and while they all have a certain amount of animosity for each other, they all dislike Blacks the most (especially the Blacks who made it out of the ghetto and they know the only way to give their kids a chance at life is to move to a less black neighborhood). Its really not because of the color of their skin, personally, for I have met African immigrants who made a success of themselves and interacting with them is a joy. Its the African-Americans whose unrelenting complaining and blaming others for stuff they are doing that I can’t stand.

I promise you, no one would dislike blacks if more of them (some exists…but like 5% of blacks or less ) earned top grades, talked properly, stop killing over little things (and makes it on the news, which reinforces the idea of the violent black), and just please stop complaining and blaming to everyone who would listen.


Levi Coon: 8 things I am teaching my white children:

1) Around blacks NEVER relax.
2) There is no country on the planet that is run by blacks and is prosperous.
3) No matter what you do to try and appease blacks , they will only demand more.
4) Blacks are not interested in equal RIGHTS, just equal RESULTS.
5) Blacks have only ONE thought in their primitive brains. MUH DIK
6) Blacks are on this planet for one purpose, to destroy.
7) You are 10 times more likely to experience violence at the hands of a black.
8) Treat blacks like you would a wild animal. There may be some tame ones, but most would eat you alive.

If you have human children, get them this book .http://www.amazon.com/A-Tiger-Bites-I-White/dp/1470086190
This will teach them the dangers of wild “tigers”








  1. Wow! That us some real foolishness!lol These people are ignorant as hell. But I found the comment by the Asian man most interesting. It goes to show that it’s not just whites that hate black people. There are other races that feel the same way. So it’s funny when I hear black people talk about all of us “people of color”. I really don’t think we have any allies. What do you think? Do you think we can trust other non whites? I feel all we got is us. It’s a waste of time to depend on another people. We have to do for self.

    • No doubt we are in this whole thing alone. The people of color nonsense is the same as post-racial Amerika; non existence. We have us and them and that’s just that. The sooner Black folk learn that the better off we will be.

      I usually don’t add the most vile comments from these animals, but I think I will start doing that strictly to make a point. And while I’m at it, this welfare thing is starting to be a rallying cry for the racist and is barely veined code wording.

      Yes, we are alone and sadly we hate each as well.

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