NDAMIX: Why is it white people aren’t suppose to be proud of their race or their heritage and when they do they’re called racist or insensitive? Everyone else is offended by something, but white Christians aren’t allowed to be. Seems a little unfair and insensitive. Why is it when we recognize someone rights, someone else gets their rights trampled on? All these groups act like they want equality, but what they really want is special privileges.

reply colleenf: I agree. We have gay pride parades, black history month, MLK month, hispanic celebrations out the ying yang, the congressional black caucus (I refuse to capitalize the words as this would give them actual credence of logic or prestige!), the hispanic caucus………..WHERE is the Congressional Caucasian Caucus??? Why can we not have a white history month? I do believe, without having done any research, that Caucasians have made significant contributions to the history of our world!!

reply ADRoberts: They can offend white people all day long. But don’t you dare offend a minority.
They can have a Black History Month. But having a White History Month? That would be racist. But only if you have a chip on your shoulder and are determined to STUFF white people. 
Time to man up and stand up. Time to demand that the liberal/black double standard -example is affirmative action- be ended. 
Treat all people equally. No more Negro College Fund if there is not a White people college fund. No more sports teams that are mainly black unless affirmative action is totally eliminated. If it is going to be by racial percentages, then the maximum percentage of blacks on NBA, NFL etc teams MUST be 13%. 
If you cannot compete on a level playing field, take your ball and GO HOME.


Ed Orr: This gave me an idea. What if I were to pull a wagon like this in a parade but have a half a dozen of my biggest pigs in it. I would paint BHO, Moochelle, harry Reed and other great people’s names on them. Put turbans on the pigs, and tie little POW/MIA flags on their tails , wear an Uncle Sam costume and go blackface. Now that would get a lot of attention but would also bring in every black suit wearing B.O. gestapo agent on my head. Wonder if any of the thought police visit this site, OH SCHITT I bet they DO.

reply HDAMIX: I thank God I was born white and in the USA. I’m a Yankee, but love southern rock, southern girls, SEC football, pecan pie, soft cotton sheets, front porches and the history of these United States and all those goes with it. That includes from our beginning through all the trials and tribulations of embracing freedom and liberty. I’m proud of our past and how far we’ve come. I’ll never back down from expressing that.

reply Ed Orr: Was in a hurry, forgot to say I would also have a huge Stars and Bars flag somewhere on the wagon. I guess that being born in Georgia while my dad was in the Marines and a drill instructor on the “island” it should have taught me to take more time to “splain” the entire idea.Way back when my dad told me about the South and the Civil war he also was the first to tell me that the war was fought to free the slaves but then many WANT to be slaves …in their own minds. Seems like the time is getting nearer for another civil war but this time it will be to free US from those enslaved with PC and self enslavement.


jong: Because when it come down to it the Whites for better or worse are the ones who built this country for the most part. Many other races have a inferiority complex in that they do not try to live with what has gone on and march to even further glory and accomplishment they dwell on the past that they did not make.

reply colleenf: I think you have some of it correct. I think it is less of an inferiority complex than it is more akin to jealousy and hatred for all Caucasians.

reply jong: Jealousy yes hatred no. They can not put a finger on what is driving their hatred only excuses.

reply NDAMIX: A lot of was taught to them growing up by their parents or others in their life. When you blame someone else for troubles in your life, like the Muslims do the Jews. It makes you feel better about yourself and gives you something to rally around. It turns into a form of hatred based on ignorance.

reply jong: I would agree with that. But, the hatred has been there so long they have forgotten the original cause.

reply felix1999: Yeah, Hitler used the Jews as the rallying point to unite them. It’s an old tactic. Obama does the same with HATE WHITES and CHRISTIANS.

reply felix1999: They refer to it as “white priviledge”. What they don’t want to admit is they WORKED for it. I defy you to find a public school where BLACKS are not fighting it our with the Hispanics at the BOTTOM of the academic scale. Show me where blacks and Hispanics are NOT last as a racial group. There is NO EXCUSE for blacks or Hispanics. Blacks have been here longer and still they compete for LAST PLACE academically.

reply felix1999: It’s odd but MOST blacks as they become successful have their skin bleached to be WHITER. Study after study shows the lighter skinned BLACK does better financially and socially. Within the BLACK community there is animosity towards LIGHTER SKIN COLORED BLACKS. Why is that? Didn’t BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL sole that inferiority complex?

reply d s: If the Whites were turned loose, this country would be great once again.

reply jong: I agree with that if all Americans get on the same page of music we would bounce back. Minorities wish for the most part for the hand out or the better treatment by law instead of working for it.

reply J. Brown: Jong,
Obviously you missed the presidential proclamation the America is an Islamic nation. Can I suspect that all of G.Washingtons staff was from the middle east? Just wondering. Learned my history from a cousin who taught fifth grade.

reply jong: Yes I did miss it. But, then again I tend to ignore everything else King Barry says as lies along with what his “Commissars” have to say or teach.


Shane: Liberals would say that a white history month is racist, but they are fine with a black history month. I go further than you do and say that liberals want white people to be ashamed of their race and heritage. Liberals teach that white people are inherently racist and evil so that the best thing would be for them to have no children. Many white women agree with this as they are having fewer than 2 children each in almost all countries with a large white population.

reply jong: I would also say with the Whites having less children is that we have finally left the hunter/gather type of civilization to go the next step where we have to have replacement population with minimal increase. Take a look at every country that is a stable population (it will go down then it will come back up). They have no problems with providing for them with food clothing etc. When we come to the third world they have over populated their “pen” and crap is backing up. Of course in the end we must prevent those in the third world coming in and up setting what is coming about in the first. And in that a border with armed guards or troops that are willing to shoot become apparent. Of course liberals will point why do we have no real border with Canada. Very simple of course. They are very close to us in that they have a high degree of civilization. Now you will have those that will say that this is racist which of course is nonsense. Each part of the world has had the chance to obtain this and some did for a time such as the Mayan or various civilizations in India or the fertile crescent.

reply Call me Carlos: Because, caucasian has come to symbolize the ‘lack’ of race. So our detractors claim we have nothing to be proud of. The same for being ‘American’, in general has has come to mean the lack of ethnicity or culture. Hence, the hyphen, as in African-American, Mexican-American, etc. We have become the void, into which the rest of the world dumps their crap.
All with the blessing of Wall Street and their paid for republicrats.


GMK: The article says “festooned with racially-charged language” but fails to report what was racist about the display. Was it the abbreviated “hug white people” or is there something I am missing?

reply Ed Orr: Perhaps the black hand of big Brotha BHO is now on the shoulder of the byte to no so subtly influence it.

reply raccman: “Festooned” is a new anti-Black language apparently !


Bonehead: It is about time someone has courage enough to stand up for the white person! Yes, NDAMIX we can be proud too! We also need a White Collage fund and so on down the list! My Hats off to you farmer Donnie Spell! You da man!


Remington 870: The obama whore media has been attacking all white people and labeling us as the enemy. obama and his neo commie handlers are afraid of White America who are mostly conservative and Christian…two ingredients obama hates. Better wake up fellow White Americans and speak out, because no matter what we say…we will be labeled as haters, racists, homo-haters, gun nuts, wing nuts and so on. Give the middle finger to these people, the time has come.


ellen: God Bless You, Mr. Spell! White people seem to be forgotten these days and we’re the ones keeping the country afloat! Ohomo is half white with his white mama’s blood and his kids are half white and somewhere in Sasquatch’s family ties is a white person you can bet on that!


Sue: I do like these “people complained” sentences. Who did? Might be surprised as to who or what group is behind these complaints.


sean murry: The reason it didnt impress is that it wasnt a black float or a gay one.


raccman: I wonder if “White Christmas” is gonna be banned soon !

reply Deborah G: The word Christmas has been banned in my town for a few years now. We’re moving too many DIVERSITY types for us


Sniper Too: Happy to see that someone has the guts to state their feelings.
I am a proud, white, female, born in the U.S.A., Air Force Vietnam Vet, nurse and I speak perfect English and proud of it. How is that, you racist minorities in this country. What are you going to do about it. Get in my face and tell me that i should be ashamed of my self because I am white? You will get an @ss kicking, because it’s the American way. Fruit you ACLU and all minorities in this country. GO HOME


mcw: It won’t end till they rid the world of the white man! A lot of white men have given their lives for the freedom of all races! If they knew their history most slaves started from their own people selling them! Everyone has the right to be proud of their heritage! Except the white people! We will see which race will servive? Until people can look at each other and stop talking about race there will always be racism! There is nothing wrong with your heritage unless your ashamed of yourself!






  1. Great video! These anti-humans are so funny!lol They know they’re going to disappear from the planet. I can’t even take these creatures seriously anymore.Silly cave dwellers!lol

    • It was really comical at best, but the comments lead me to believe that these people really do feel they are being ignored. Ignored. In. Merika. Seriously.

      I’m telling you, the table is being set for a slaughter.

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