Chris Matthews: “Speaking for All White People”

Twitter said: 

@hardball_chris don’t you dare apologize for me you race baiting pig— 
John Sullivan (@sullythebeast) July 19, 2013

Only ignorant racists would be upset at Chris Matthews for apologizing to TWO Black men for their individual lived experiences with racism!— 
Robert Mitchell III (@RLM_3) July 19, 2013

Don’t You Dare Assume That You Speak For Me @hardball_chris Chris Matthews’ Apology on Behalf of ‘All White People’ –— 
The Sounding Board (@DKGuthrie) July 19, 2013

So Chris Matthews thinks he speaks for all white people, and the GOP is to blame for Detroit? Today is a masterpiece of liberal dementia.— 
SΞ4N VΞNKM4N (@MrFoPow) July 18, 2013

Wonder what Chris Matthews thought when Charles Barkley CORRECTLY said, “There are a lot of black people who are racist.”— 
Yvette Garcia (@YvetteGarcia19) July 19, 2013

@hardball_chris No way in hell you speak for this cracka!— 
Ritzy Cracka (@UnnaturalBlond) July 19, 2013

I’m apologizing for Chris Matthews, on behalf or all carbon-based forms of life.— 
Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) July 18, 2013

#WhiteTwitter is giving #ChrisMatthews more hate for apologizing for racism than Ted Nugent gets for actually being racist.— 
Black Canseco (@BlackCanseco) July 19, 2013

your fear of job security was evident 2nite even my most msm loving friends weren’t buying the crap coming from your mouth.— 
Kata Martha (@KataMartha) July 19, 2013

@moslef @hardball_chris where is the white racism? Zimmerman who mentored black kids? Oh yeah he’s a real racist..grow the fuck up— 
John Sullivan (@sullythebeast) July 19, 2013

@WillBensMom Not panicking! Not racist.. so #ChrisMatthews doesn’t need to apologize on my behalf.— 
Cheryl Lynn Long (@pinkcheryl123) July 19, 2013

@hardball_chris you are such a hack..what a joke…#tcot#ChrisMatthews— 
KC Kracka (@SMullnix) July 19, 2013

Do you know how racist you gotta be to be mad at another dude for apologizing for racism you prolly had a hand in? #ChrisMatthews— 
Black Canseco (@BlackCanseco) July 19, 2013



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