They have been doing this to us for since our inception.



  1. We are supposed to do the same thing to them but we are scared. we rather look at booty shaking videos or shirtless pics off dudes, than stand up for ourselves. smh the age of the dragon is coming and they will be worst than white people our creator Ahmen gotta do what he has to do in order to get certain people in our race to wake up. all of this that is going on to us and with us is the work of Ahmen our ancestors knew this. Sacrifices my brother. don’t get too caught up in this, these are all the work of Ahmen. If we can get back intuned we can display ruthless aggression towards non blks like we should have been doing. things like these don’t bother me anymore. because I now understand why.

    • I don’t know why we don’t do unto others as they have done unto us. My only conclusion is we Black people are not as evil and dirty as other people. If the rolls had been reversed and we had them oppressed, we never treat them like animals.

      This humanity that we carry could and probably has been our undoing. I also believe that we are in for an ancestral awakening that will separate the true from the false.

      • Put it this way our god Ahmen is not loving and at the same time he is not evil. he wouldn’t give too shits if we enslaved them because non blacks were created and sent here to be our slaves this is fact. they were supposed to do the dirty work while we focused on the higher stuff. if our people only knew how our god Ahmen really works majority of them would commit suicide if he can’t use you he will get rid of you. and that’s what he has been doing to us for decades. the problem is we are Ahmen against one another but not against other races. our future people will show us how it’s done.

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